Smoked Pig Ear

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100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Dog Treats are delicious high-quality sliced pig ears packed with healthy protein and low in fat. Pig ears help clean dogs' teeth and strengthen their gums. As a result, your dog will have healthier teeth into her later years. Pig ear dog treats are tough, but not as tough as other chews, that’s why they’re an excellent choice for light chewers. If you have a dog that likes to savor their treats, pig ears are great to let them chew at their own pace without lasting too long to attract harmful bacteria.  

These single ingredient, all-natural chews are fully digestible and make great dog training treats for mid to large sized dogs. These are all-natural pork ears containing no antibiotics, and are hormone and chemical-free.  Healthy Wags takes pride in the fact that our treats are locally sourced. We offer two varieties: smoked and dehydrated.

Use for training purposes or just as a fun, tasty and healthy snack.

Key Benefits:

  • A fun, tasty and healthy high-protein, single-ingredient chew containing only all-natural pork.
  • Highly palatable, all-natural, fully digestible chews Antibiotic-free, with no hormones, chemicals, preservatives, or additives

Because this is a natural treat, its sizing, color and appearance may vary—this is normal. You may also notice a natural scent and oil while your pal chews; this natural oil may stain your furniture, carpeting or other surfaces