How HealthyWags Barkery Supports Homeless and Abused Dogs and Cats

I'm excited to share with you how HealthyWags is making a positive impact on the lives of homeless and abused dogs and cats. HealthyWags Barkery was created not only to make delicious and healthy treats for our petkids, but as a platform to support and uplift animals in need who are not yet lucky enough to be in their forever home. Here are the various ways we are working towards creating a better future for these vulnerable creatures.

1. Partnering with Animal Shelters and Rescues:

We have established partnerships with local animal shelters and rescues to provide support for their efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating homeless and abused dogs and cats. Through regular donations of our nutritious and delicious treats, we aim to give these animals a taste of love and care while they await their forever homes.

2. Adoption Events and Fundraisers:

We actively participate in adoption events and fundraisers organized by animal welfare organizations. By offering our treats as part of adoption kits, we help ease the transition for newly adopted pets and show them that they are cherished. Additionally, we donate a percentage of our sales from designated fundraising periods to contribute directly to the rescue and care of these animals.

3. Foster Care Support:

We recognize the vital role that foster families play in rehabilitating and nurturing homeless and abused animals. To support these compassionate individuals, we provide them with our treats to help create a positive and comforting environment for the pets in their care. By offering nutritionally rich treats, we strive to enhance their overall well-being during their time in foster care.

4. Educational Initiatives:

Education is key to promoting responsible pet ownership and preventing animal abuse. I actively engage in educational initiatives, including workshops and seminars, where I share my knowledge about pet nutrition, training, and the importance of treating animals with kindness. By spreading awareness, I hope to inspire compassion and empathy towards animals among our community members.

5. Sponsorship of Medical Treatment:

I understand that medical care is crucial for neglected or injured animals. To contribute to their recovery, I sponsor medical treatments and procedures for homeless and abused dogs and cats in need. By alleviating the financial burden on animal welfare organizations, I ensure that these animals receive the care they deserve and increase their chances of finding loving homes.

6. Support of Legislation to Prevent Animal Cruelty

Work with lawmakers in proposing new bills to prevent animal cruelty offenders from adopting pets. The bills are still in the works, but they will be extremely helpful for the prevention of further animal cruelty offences. The new bills are important because repeat offenders are no longer going to be able to abuse animals again. With current laws, someone who was convicted of animal cruelty can still somehow adopt a pet if the shelter is not strict with background checks. If the bills are passed, places where you can adopt animals will have to require a personal record to ensure that there has been no offence in the past. Through this change, animals will only go to safe and loving homes.

At HealthyWags, I firmly believe in using this business as a force for good. Through partnerships, support for adoption events, foster care assistance, educational initiatives, and sponsorship of medical treatment. Sometimes I feel discouraged about being able to help a problem as vast as this is, when I get down about it and want to curl up in a ball, I tell myself, "Just one more dog, just one more cat..." If I can make a positive impact on the life of just one homeless and abused dog and cat, it's a high that can't be beat. So, I get up the next day excited to do it again, which dog or cat will be saved by something I did today? Together, with the support of pet lovers like yourself, we can create a brighter future for these deserving animals, one treat at a time. Stay tuned to my blog and upcoming Facebook story for updates on my ongoing efforts to empower change and make a difference in their lives.

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