About Healthy Wags!

Hi pet lover! I can tell that you love animals as much as I do because you're here. :-)   

My name is Rehema and I started HealthyWags iduring the pandemic in 2020.  It's strange to say this but out of something bad came something good, I got to spend quality time doing two of the things I love the most, playing with my three dogs and two cats and cooking.  Spending more time with my furkids I noticed that after making some homemade jerky for them they began to turn their nose up at the store-bought treats, they only wanted homemade.  I didn't go back to my job because HealthyWags became a passion that I just had to follow. The variety of snacks created from my kitchen using simple human grade ingredients were endless, and the snacks that I have an excess of are donated to pet foster homes and community shelters.

You'll never find fillers, by-products or chemical preservatives with unpronounceable names here, all snacks are freshly made in small batches from my door to yours. You'll enjoy the happiness in their eyes with the first smell of these healthy snacks. check out the mouthwatering collection now, you'll find a wide range of snacks that just keep growing as I find more food combinations that are waiting to be shipped to you today. 

                                                     The Mission

  • A variety of the best simple human-grade ingredient snacks to be found, all without preservatives.
  • Customer-centric support that is fast, friendly and efficient.
  • And of course... Free Domestic Shipping!
  • Your purchase will be put towards the support of animals in need everywhere.  Specifically, I hope to see as many dogs and cats as possible saved from the meat trade.  Your purchase will support that effort, I'm looking forward to sharing with you what your help has done on the Barkery Blog, so check it out.