Beef Jerky Bars

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You must be wondering, what is "stressless?"

Stressless™ is both a way of life for Axis deer and cattle living in Hawaii and the way the Hawaiian officials manage the deer population. On the islands of Lanai, Molokai and Maui Axis cattle live in paradise. Tropical climate and fertile soil provide abundant food. Isolated by the ocean, Hawaiian Axis cattle live without predators, disease or competition. Naturally nourished and free to run unrestricted, the Hawaiian Axis beef meat is lean (they do not need to store nourishment as fat), high in energy (high glucose/lactic acid content) and naturally antibiotic. This creates a superior flavor that can be tasted. Hawaiian Axis beef is a delicacy enjoyed by humans and pets alike.

In my Healthy Wags recipe I add pure, high quality ingredients to build a more complete treat. Blueberries to provide antioxidants for long term health. Non-GMO Chia and Flax seeds and whole, fresh sweet potatoes provide fiber, healthy fatty acids and micronutrients. Your dogs will love it and you will too!

-Wild and natural beef

-The perfect dog treat

-100% All natural

-All ingredients sourced in the USA

-Stressless beef - predator free

-Ingredients: Stressless Hawaiian beef, fresh local sweet potatoes, with chia seeds, flax seeds, blueberries (antioxidant power!)

Quantity: 1/2 lb.