Turkey Tendon Strips

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Healthy Wags turkey tendons are made with care and trimmed of any fat to insure a clean snack for your pet that's sourced from a USDA farm. You can be sure that these healthy treats are free from any additives, preservatives, color and are GMO-free using only ONE ingredient - USA Turkey.

Key Points:
* MADE IN USA: Farmed in the USA, made in a human-grade commercial kitchen.
* QUALITY: High-protein, low-fat, gourmet dog chews hand-made from American-               sourced turkeys in a human-grade commercial kitchen.
* SMALL DOG APPROVED: Finally, after many requests, we have a tendon perfect for toy      size breeds as well as cats. Tendons are thin and long (4" to 6"),
    best suited for dogs 2-20 lbs.
* SINGLE INGREDIENT: Just turkey. No growth hormones, no chemicals or preservatives.  * Turkey is a great alternative for dogs sensitive to beef and pork.
* DENTAL CARE: Naturally stimulates gums and cleans teeth, leaving your dog's teeth     bright and shiny.
* REDUCES ANXIETY: Great way to keep small dogs busy while being crate trained.